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RSIRepetitive Strain Injury
RSIRelative Strength Index
RSIRepetitive Stress Injury
RSIRégime Social des Indépendants
RSIRoofing/Siding/Insulation (magazine)
RSIRapid Sequence Intubation
RSIR-value (thermal resistance) Système International
RSIRapid Sequence Induction
RSIRelative Strength Indicator
RSIRequired Supplementary Information (financial statements)
RSIRadiotelevisione Svizzera Di Lingua Italiana (Italian: Italian Language Radio, Switzerland)
RSIRetour sur Investissement (French: Return on Investment)
RSIResearch Science Institute
RSIRèglement Sanitaire International (French: International Health Regulations; World Health Organization)
RSIRice Space Institute (Rice University)
RSIRadarsat International
RSIReligious Science International (Science of Mind)
RSIRemotely Sensed Imagery
RSIRadio Slovakia International
RSIRecycling Services Inc
RSIResponse-Stimulus Interval (psychology)
RSIrationalization, standardization, and interoperability (US DoD)
RSIRoller Squad Institut (French roller skating club)
RSIRetirement and Survivors Insurance (Social Security Administration)
RSIRadio Satellite Integrators, Inc.
RSIRecherche en Soins Infirmiers (journal)
RSIRockwell Software Inc.
RSIResidual Self-Image (The Matrix)
RSIRoadside Interview (transport survey method)
RSIRéseaux et Systèmes d'Information (French: Networks and Information Systems)
RSIReusable Surface Insulation
RSIResolution Systems Institute (Chicago, IL)
RSIRemote Site Incubator (fish hatchery)
RSIRemote Surface Inspection
RSIRequest for Supplemental Information
RSIResource Systems Institute
RSIRadiation Solutions Inc. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
RSIResearch Summer Institute (MIT)
RSIRoad Safety International
RSIRepubblica Sociale Italian (Italian: Fascist Italian Republic, Salò, Italy)
RSIRecovery Systems International (Charlotte, NC)
RSIRadiation Status Indicator
RSIRemote Status Indicator
RSIResources Systems Inc
RSIReplication Server Interface
RSIRadial Scientific Instrument
RSIReplacement Stream Input
RSIRecord Status Indicator
RSIRadar Sensitivity Improvement
RSIRajendra Singh - Institute
RSIRequest Service Initiation Message (FIPS)
RSIReceipt, Storage, & Issue
RSIRequirement Services Interface (testing methodology for use case analysis)
RSIReel Start Institute
RSIRick Stanley, Inc (New York, NY)
RSIRelated Standardization Interoperability
RSIReliance Surety & Insurance Company, Inc. (Manilla)
RSIRadiological Systems, Inc.
RSIRadio Singapore International
RSIResources, Science and Industry (various organizations)
RSIResponse-Service-Innovation, Inc. (Texas)
RSIResearch Services, Inc. (various locations)
RSIRehabilitation Services, Inc. (various locations)
RSIReference Safety Information
RSIResort at Singer Island (Florida)
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The R-value was measured 45min post mortem, in triplicate, according to the methodology described by HONIKEL & FISHER (1977).
As noted in the announcement for this action, reliable value ratings for home insulation products were not available from the dawn of the modern industry until FTC first adopted the R-value Rule (16 CFR 460) in 1979 in an effort "to address the failure of the home insulation marketplace to provide essential pre-purchase information to consumers, primarily an insulation product's'R-value.
The performance of the constructed models was evaluated on the basis of R-value and MSE analyses.
Thicker panels can be constructed by increasing the number of layers to increase the R-value.
The optimization of SPF physical properties, such as overall density, R-value, percent closed-cell content, etc.
Structural insulated panels typically sandwich large sheets of expanded PS foam between oriented strand board (OSB), creating large wall systems with few seams, greater R-value, and improved strength.
Both are available in rolls and batts with an R-value of between three and four per inch of thickness.
This conclusion is based on the fact that the calculated r-value is greater than the critical r-value of 0.
Griffiths and Zuluaga (2004) used a two-dimensional, steady-state FEM to calculate the effective R-value of ducts buried under three levels of loose-fill insulation, as shown in Figure 1.
It provides high levels of R-value, eliminates air infiltration by sealing an attic, controls moisture & condensation & increases the structural strength of a building.