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RJRR.J. Reynolds
RJRRadio Jeunes Reims (French radio station)
RJRRassemblement des Jeunes Républicains (French: Rally of Young Republicans; Côte d'Ivoire)
RJRThorny Skate (FAO fish species code)
RJRRobinson Jarvis and Rolf (law firm; UK)
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* Faye Diffler, reacting to a solicitation from R.J. Reynolds, wrote OSHA: "It was addressed to my mother who passed away from smoking cigarettes.
Documentation in the 13-minute segment came from internal tobacco-industry memos, a former R.J. Reynolds manager (interviewed in silhouette), current Reynolds scientists.
He and his coauthors cite financial analysts' statements that R.J. Reynolds launched the "Old Joe" ads in 1988 in order to compete with Philip Morris' Marlboro brand for the youth market.
In late 1989, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company began planning a major interior renovation of the Reynolds Building, allocating more than $4 million to both restore and modernize the award-winning Art Deco structure.
London, Feb 13 (ANI): Camel cigarettes maker R.J. Reynolds has been forced to pay more than 260,000 dollars in damages to an elderly man who developed cancer from smoking.
District Court on behalf of tobacco giants Phillip Morris, R.J. Reynolds and Lorilland Tobacco Company, as well as several tobacco retailers, claims the signage rule violates federal authority and the U.S.
A pair of industry-financed political action committees have combined to raise $9.2million - more than 99.9 percent of it from the parent companies of R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris - as of Monday in their bid to defeat Measure 50.
Candy-, fruit- and alcohol-flavored cigarettes will be harder to find now that the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has agreed to stop selling them in 39 states.
The TWA flight attendant - who filed a USD1m lawsuit against tobacco companies Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp and Lorillard, after she began to suffer from chronic sinusitis - was awarded USD2m for damages suffered in the past and USD3.5m for damages she will suffer in the future by a six-member jury.
The former consultant to R.J. Reynolds and long-time advocate of laissez-faire advertising regulation has argued that Joe Camel ads were not targeted at youth.
court threw out Ecuador's lawsuit against Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds and other tobacco companies, saying it had no jurisdiction in the case.