R18Restricted 18 (UK Film Rating)
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After the car's unveiling in Munich earlier this week, Audi Motorsport boss Dr Wolfgang Ullrich said: "With our new Audi R18, we're setting a clear signal.
Benfield North East Audi R18 e-tron Quattro RS3 A3 e-tron Nissan GTR Duke Nismo Leaf Stratstone Aston Martin Tyne & Wear GTE race car DB9 GT Vanquish Volante (New 8 speed model) Rapide S (New 8 Speed model) V8 Vantage Coupe Sportshift 11 (7 speed model) Infiniti Redbull Racing 2014 Formula 1 car - as driven by Sebastian Vettel Q50 JCT600 Bentley Flying Spur W12 New Continental GTC Speed Porsche 911 GTS Coupe Macan 2.
Audi's other entry, the R18 Ultra, performed well but was also prone to accidents.
Audi's other R18 e-tron Quattro car finished second and its two R18 Ultra diesels finished third and fifth.
The Audi R18 TDI sets the tone for what's to come at Qatar Motor Show," said Jeff Mannering, managing director of Audi Middle East.
The Audi R18 TDI No2 drivers celebrate their Le Mans win
He said: "We have a good wee tool to fight with in the R18.
The R18, Audi's latest sports-prototype, features a new 3.
I tested the R18 for the first time at the end of last month which was essentially the coupe's initial roll-out combined with its maiden test," confirmed Dumfries-born McNish.
Melbourne, Dec 2 (ANI): A study on the impact violent video games have on players has revealed that they are no greater than movies or music clips, paving the way for R18 plus games being given the go ahead in Australia.
Under licensing rules, screenings of R18 movies can only be hosted by cinemas operated as a private club.
Only the following active NIH award mechanisms at domestic institutions are eligible for Supplements to Promote Reentry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers: R01, R10, R18, R24, R35, R37, P01, P40, P41, P50, P51, U54, P60, U01, and U10.