R2CReal to Complex
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R2C provides consulting services for high-priority national security concerns.
As Hamelink and Hoffman (2008) note, the R2C "eventually became the victim of ferocious ideological disputes, mutual distrust and incidental uprisings of paranoia which eventually made it impossible to consider the merits of all arguments in a rational manner" (p.
1) To ensure flexible and responsive aviation ground support to the ACE, R2C must be an integral part of the MWSS and an assured capability of the Marine aircraft wing.
Cowdell is currently the president of R2C Group, where he leads six teams across the US that create advertising campaigns spanning mobile, online and television media.
A comparison of human H295R and rat R2C cell lines as in vitro screening tools for effects on aromatase.
Winnipeg, MB R2C 3B3; 204/953-2189, 866/953-2189, FAX: 204/953-2199
CUBEX LIMITED, Jim Peterson Manager, Megamatic Sales and Marketing 1218 Redonda Street Box 13, Group 524, RR 5 Winnipeg, MB Canada R2C 2Z2.
1001 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 4M2 Canada Tel.
The co-ordination of systems and reporting processes for drivers hours and maintenance could prove daunting for operators at first glance, so FTA has partnered with R2C to provide an integrated Earned Recognition compliance solution for both vehicles and drivers.
Evidence that functional interactions of CREB and SF-1 mediate hormone regulated expression of the aromatase gene in granulosa cells and constitutive expression in R2C cells.