R2DRadians to Degrees (geometry)
R2DRelief to Development (Save the Children project)
R2DReturn To Dominate (sports battle cry)
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Statistical analysis showed that only two of the metrics, RID and R2D, for IJCAI had a statistically significant increase over time.
The samples of earth mortars from Room 1 (R1a, R1b, and R1c) and Room 2 (R2a, R2b, and R2d) of Los Huertos Street are plotted in the upper right side of the diagram, at the limit of the confidence interval or out of it.
Table 2: Comparison of right-hand digit ratio (R2D: 4D), left-hand digit ratio (L2D: 4D), and right-hand minus left-hand digit ratio (DR- L) among patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL group) and the control group.
Se realizo una campana geofisica en el mes de octubre de 2008 (periodo libre de lluvias), se midieron 3 perfiles de Tomografia Electrica R2D: uno de 360 m y dos de 180 m de longitud, distribuidos de manera de cubrir: 1) la cresta de una duna de gran altura (80 metros), 2) la zona de intermedanos y 3) el perfil de enlace entre los dos anteriores para facilitar la interpretacion.
Average measurements were used to calculate right-hand and left-hand digit ratio (R2D:4D and L2D:4D).
First of all, the data of respectively the retained areas and the retained volumes of the batch No1 make it possible to calculate the two histograms g2D(r2D) and [g.sub.3D]([r.sub.3D]) (Fig.
This includes their Modulus Sewage Treatment Systems for small housing and industrial developments not connected to mainline drainage and R2D, a rainwater harvesting system which will allow homeowners to use rainwater within the home, saving on water bills and in turn helping the environment.
R1D R1I R2D R2I R3D R3I Significancia 0,6 0,3 0,8 0,8 0,3 0,05 D=derecho I=izquierdo
Element Valor Valor [p.u.] o Ohmios|Henrios Ra 0.41570000 0.03435000 LI 0.00610100 0.00050420 Lad 0.00775900 0.00064130 Rfd 0.15930000 0.01317000 Lfd 0.00012500 0.00001033 Lf1d 0.00000000 0.00000000 R1d 12.85000000 1.06200000 L1d 0.00113700 0.00009395 Lf2d 1.210E-10 1.000E-11 R2d 1.05000000 0.08675000 L2d 0.00264800 0.00021880 Tabla 2.
GR2D, a real estate venture consisting of three companies - Gabriel Associates of The Bronx and R2D and the Hutensky Group of Hartford is implementing the development of this $15 million, 63,000 square-foot project assigned by the East Harlem Abyssinian Triangle (EHAT), a non-profit community development group.