R2ERight to Education (Palestinian campaign)
R2ERefine 2 Excellence
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Invensys and R2E will work jointly with SLNG to develop and implement a range of new business processes that will manage the commercial, technical interfacing and business support functions of a new LNG terminal, currently under construction on Jurong Island.
Invensys and R2E have since embarked on Phase 1 of the business process consultancy and work has been progressing well.
R1E, R2E,..., R7E) lowers the 28-day strength of both the reference concrete and the concretes made from recycled concrete.
Types and marking of concretes of seven sets of test cubes Basic composition Admixture and additive Number Marking of concrete mixture of cubes of mixture Reference - 3 R1 12% epoxy dispersion 3 R1E - 3 R2 12% epoxy dispersion 3 R2E 30% slag 3 R3 30% slag + 12% epoxy 3 R3E dispersion 30% fly ash 3 R4 30% fly ash From raw + 12% epoxy dis- 3 R4E concrete persion recyclate 10% silica 3 R5 10% silica + 12% epoxy 3 R5E dispersion 30% fly ash + 3 R6 10% silica 30% fly ash + 10% silica + 12% 3 R6E epoxy dis- persion From penetrated - 3 R7 concrete recyclate 12% epoxy dispersion 3 R7E Basic composition Admixture and additive Slump test acc.