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R2MLREWERSE I1 Rule Markup Language
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The mapping from Drools to R2ML is possible as R2ML supports the representation of the PRs by relying on the OMG's PRR (8) Specification.
A R2ML rule always refers to a vocabulary which can be R2ML own vocabulary or an imported one (i.e.
finds its correspondent into the r2ml : ProductionRuleSet element.
The name of the Java package of classes identifies in an unique way the name of a R2ML ProductionRuleSet (i.e.
The general principles of mapping a Drools rule into a R2ML production rule is:
--Every JBoss production rule is translated into a r2ml:ProductionRule element.
--A R2ML r2ml:ruleID production rule attribute is generated using the JBoss <name> value.
The condition part of a JBoss rule is mapped into the content of r2ml : conditions role element.
When translated into R2ML syntax, they map into the XML <[!CDATA[...]]> construct.
In the following lines we describe the mapping of Drools conditions into R2ML appropriate ones.
A Drools pattern without field constraints, will map into the r2ml:ObjectClassificationAtom.
This Drools pattern finds its R2ML translation into the below code.