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R2MLREWERSE I1 Rule Markup Language
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In the following lines we describe the mapping of Drools conditions into R2ML appropriate ones.
This Drools pattern finds its R2ML translation into the below code.
Following RuleML, R2ML framework defines the generic concepts of variable.
The concrete syntax of first-order non-Boolean OCL (7) expressions can be directly mapped to R2ML abstract concepts of ObjectTerm and DataTerm, which can be viewed as a predicate-logic-based reconstruction of the standard OCL abstract syntax.
A Drools pattern formula translates into R2ML formula, using the R2ML simple/imbricated concepts of r2ml:qf.
The above Drools pattern translates into the following R2ML formula (i.
conjunction, all atoms from the R2ML rule body are implicitly connected by conjunction.
String), the R2ML mapping is an r2ml : AttributiomAtom, while for an object type property would find its mapping into the r2ml : ReferencePropertyAtom.
R2ML uses XML Schema Datatypes (16) as its default namespace for encoding basic datatypes.
The relational operations from Drools are serialized into R2ML language using the r2ml : DatatypePredicateAtom construct.
The r2ml:dataArguments attribute comprises $c:Cheese(type == SyoungCheese) the Drools operands translation into R2ML terms objects or data types, depending on the types of the involved properties.
The Drools literal date type field constraints are represented into R2ML using XML qualified name xs: dateTime.