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S and Russia may use veto power against any extreme step in the form of use of force under Chapter VII of UN Charter, the civilized international community must evoke the principle of R2P at UN.
8) R2P, hem devlet egemenligini kendi vatandaslarinin haklarini koruma kistasina baglamakta hem de "sorumluluk olarak egemenlik" kavramiyla insani mudahalenin, bazi durumlarda ahlaki zorunluluk oldugunu belirtmektedir.
A good overview of the debates around humanitarian intervention associated with the NATO campaign in Kosovo, the genesis of the R2P doctrine and the doctrine's progressive development,' says International Affairs.
18) R2P itself has been cast as an accountability mechanism, requiring that the international community not allow a government to invoke its state's sovereignty to shield it from outside intervention and that the community not use that sovereignty as an excuse for collective inaction.
He supports the need that further criteria must be developed for better deciding which situation should be included as being under the RtoP mandate, therefore he proposes the creation of a "credible R2P watch list", which should encompass a number of instruments, as to help determine the position in which the a respective or prospective country is, relative to the RtoP mandate.
Fast forward to the sickening results of the R2P intervention and you will understand where this reckless and cynical military adventure fits in the recent record of NATO countries (Germany abstained in the R2P vote, to its everlasting credit) in the Muslim world.
To begin, one of the most important features of R2P is its vastly different conceptualization of state sovereignty, shifting the understanding from sovereignty as control to sovereignty as responsibility.
In his remarks to the gathering, Eliasson flagged that he had served as President of the General Assembly in 2005, when the R2P principle was adopted by Member States.
And while her R2P doctrine has failed the millions of civilians suffering under the guns of US allies, it has helped burnish her image and protected her ambitions.
Au nom du R2P, une notion idiote promue par les reseaux des Fondations Open Society de George Soros, Clinton a affirme, sans preuve verifiable, que Kadhafi bombardait les civils libyens innocents dans la region de Benghazi.
Militaries, flush with "security" funding and tasked with climate R2P, contribute a perverse perspective from this toilet lens.