R2RReady to Run
R2RRim to Rim (hiking)
R2RRoutine to Research (Thailand)
R2RRouter to Router
R2RRead to Read
R2RReady 2 Ride
R2RRoll-To-Roll (manufacturing)
R2RRoad 2 Recovery (foundation; Encinitas, CA)
R2RReady 2 Race
R2RReady 2 Rumble (video game by Midway)
R2RRoadmap to Riches
R2RRags to Riches (Internet game)
R2RRoadmap to Riches (multilevel marketing program)
R2RRoutes to Recovery
R2RRecruitment to Recruitment
R2RRecord to Report
R2RRight to Repair
R2RReady to Rage
R2RReads to Results (software)
R2RReady to Roll
R2RReady 2 Riot (gaming clan)
R2RRolling Deck to Repository (ocean data collection)
R2RReel-2-Reel (older recording devices)
R2RReef2reef.com (online forum)
R2RReport to Revenue
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While technology has revolutionized the modern business world, the R2R process has remained unchanged since the days of Lotus Notes and 18-inch paper.
The next steps within ICBMSD's R2R process focus on generating a well-defined mitigation approach before completing the programming phase and submitting the organization's Program Objective Memorandum (POM).
Therefore, this study demonstrates that the proposed strategy is a promising solution for solving the problem of the multilayer register system in R2R gravure printed electronic equipment.
The R2R campaign has an inward focused element as well, which aims to improve recycling practices amongst the more than 7000 employees of Dulsco.
Polyethylene Terephtalate (PET) substrate is considered to be one of the best industrial-substrate candidates for UHF and microwave applications since it features the industrial ability to be processed in R2R fashion [4], making it suitable for printed electronics.
Thermally curing of R2R embossed features is time consuming, and is commonly replaced with faster UV or chemical curing.
Don't jut stick to the "big guys" - the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has a group specifically for the recruitment industry - REC R2R.
One area where pacifists and just war theorists have responded to Yoder's call to forge an alliance has been the fruitful work on just peacemaking, which certainly connects with the "responsibility to prevent" and, in my view, "the responsibility to rebuild" prongs of R2R But I think that just policing represents another area where most pacifists and just war theorists may come together and support, at least morally, R2P, including its second prong, "the responsibility to react".
Subsequently, it was decided to link the input of the writing teacher to one particular assignment, known as R2R (from Rhetoric to Reality).
2 billion in FAGS and R2R funding, together with $8 million for the establishment of a Centre for Excellence for Australian local government (ACLG 2008).
Gweithwyr proffesiynol megis gweithwyr cymdeithasol, nyrsys seiciatryddol cymunedol, a hyfforddwyr sector wirfoddol sy'n darparu gwasanaethau R2R.
R2R will help employers offer advice and practical support to staff under notice of redundancy.