R2SRegulated Two Stage
R2SRoad to Success
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Through the use of R2S, our clients are embracing data in new ways, and by implementing tools such as predictive, prescriptive or realtime data analytics, have managed to improve productivity, reduce downtime and cost and improve safety.
The choice architecture, persuasive messaging, and anchoring elements of the R2S intervention are intended to increase the rate at which tax filers deposit at least some of their refunds to a savings vehicle (either a savings account or savings bonds).
Headquartered in Aberdeen, R2S was a subsidiary of SeaEnergy Plc which went into administration on 2 June 2016.
- Onsite: Offers access to senior level Pivot3 engineers to perform onsite advanced installation services of the vSTAC R2S and P Cubed Appliance(s) and graphic acceleration options as laid out in the design at the time of the sale.
Using MI, however, no standardized regression weights, pooled standard deviations or R2s can be obtained.
These two R2s accounting (0.589 for Cox and Snell's R2 and 0.825 for Nagelkerke's R2) are above 0.5 and therefore the model's explanatory power is high, though 1.0 is the ideal case.
R2S Solutions, an Arizona research and development company, has introduced a new fluid recycling system designed specifically for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment with pullback ratings of 50,000 pounds and less.
We plot the [R.sup.2] of the true regression (vertical bar) and the R2s from these placebo regressions (dots) in Figure 2.
The R2S System (Ratchet Retention Suspension System) for PROTECH ballistic helmets tightens and conforms to the wearer's head using a knob located at the base of the helmet.
Both engines are fitted with the B-series turbocharger as standard; a high-performance variant for the engines use the companies regulated two-stage (R2S) turbocharger, which combines a small high-pressure and a larger low-pressure turbos.