R2SRoad to Success
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Onsite: Offers access to senior level Pivot3 engineers to perform onsite advanced installation services of the vSTAC R2S and P Cubed Appliance(s) and graphic acceleration options as laid out in the design at the time of the sale.
The truck-mounted CMD-1600 containment mixing deck can process 1,600 gallons of useable drilling fluid and allows HDD operators of this size equipment to operate productively while realizing significant savings in drilling fluid costs, said Slade Ottney, R2S Solutions owner and managing partner.
R2S Crime allows the user to view pictures of the crime scene from various vantage points, which can be moved through 360 degrees.
Return To Scene s innovative R2S visual asset management system provides high definition 360A spherical photography photographically capturing offshore oil and gas assets and providing the user with a desk top visual, interactive walk around.
BorgWarner's R2S turbocharging system is a cutting-edge technology designed to deliver outstanding performance combined with improved fuel economy for downsized diesel engines, a growing trend among automakers worldwide.
announces the award of its first contract for the R2S photographic capture in Canada.
BorgWarner's R2S turbocharging technology for diesel engines combines two turbochargers of different sizes.
A SeaEnergy subsidiary, Return To Scene Limited, has secured a contract to supply its R2S visual asset management system.
Offshore energy group SeaEnergy has said that its subsidiary Return To Scene has won a $1 million contract for its R2S visual asset management system from Petroleos Mexicanos.
The standard variant of both engines comes with the latest B-series turbocharger while the high-performance variant features BorgWarner s R2S turbocharging technology, featuring a small high-pressure turbocharger and a larger low-pressure B2 turbocharger.
BorgWarner's R2S turbocharging technology helps the engine set new standards of efficiency and performance.
Hyundai Motor Selects R2S Turbocharging Technology of BorgWarner for Commercial Diesel Engine II-53