R2D2Reel 2 Dialogue 2 (editor's code for cans of film on American Graffitti, from which Lucas got the name for the Star Wars robot)
R2D2Star Wars Droid Model
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com Like R2D2 on your desk - except that you couldn't dock your iPod in the Star Wars droid.
One parent has hung a collection of original Star Wars movie pictures featuring the characters of C3PO and R2D2.
At the end of the book, the author showcases a number of "extreme" PCs, such as one built into a Star Wars R2D2 toy and another built into a guitar.
Somewhat resembling a stainless steel version of R2D2 trom "Star Wars," the appliance needs merely to be loaded with fresh coffee beans and have its timer set When the scheduled time arrives, it automatically grinds the bean just before the brewing cycle begins.
It will be like a real robot, like R2D2 (a physically independent computer-robot in a Star Wars movie)," Filion said.
Richard Rich set up a partnership called R2D2 to develop a wonder drug for cancer.
Don't worry about the Pit Droids -- there is an extensive training tutorial under the guidance of 3CPO and R2D2 to help you train them and have fun.
Looking like a cross between a miniature dumpster and R2D2, Kyampasu (Campus) 1 measures 96 centimeters long, 58 cm wide and 98 cm tall and can carry a maximum of 20 kilograms of trash, researchers said.
I would say that I'm definitely a little more than your average fan, considering I also have a full-size R2D2 I made in my living room,'' said Cervantes.
This robot even has a cousin--no, not C3PO, the droid companion of R2D2.