R4DResearch for Development (research program database)
R4DRace for Dignity (Dignitas Youth; various universities; Canada)
R4DResearch for Design
R4DReady for Distribution
R4DResponse, Resistance, Resilience and Recovery of Arctic ecosystems to Disturbance (USA)
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Within the R4D system in Afghanistan, retrograde materiel also includes unit and nonunit equipment, government-owned, contractor-operated equipment, and other Department of Defense materiel across the country.
The R4D system involves not only moving equipment destined for reset actions but also intrathe-ater redistribution and redeployment of all equipment needing disposition.
The benefits of having a complex web of agencies involved in the R4D OEF operation are many.
The regulated velocity (speed and direction) of materiel from which R4D is derived is from the ISAF commander's priorities and his declared end state.
The R4D mission being accomplished through the unified action of the JLEnt partners requires a complementary mission to provide support to more than 100,000 coalition Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, multinational civilians, and contractors in theater.
The JLEnt's success over the last year was confirmed by R4D performance metrics.
The R4D process was cumbersome when it came to the multiple inputs of data from various sources, which led to different operational pictures.
As ISAF nears the final stages of R4D operations in Afghanistan, it is imperative that the Army document the highly successful logistics practices that were implemented as well as learn from the missteps.
Those who have ever flown in either an R4D or a DC-3 will enjoy the photos and stories.
A volume dealing with Pacific operations would provide much more coverage of Navy and Marine Corps R4Ds.
On that day, seven USAF C-47s and four USMC R4Ds (virtually identical to the C-47s) evacuated more than 1,000 wounded and sick soldiers from Hagaru to Yonpo, about 40 miles to the south, within the X Corps defensive perimeter around Hamhung and Hungnam.