R4DResearch for Development (research program database)
R4DRace for Dignity (Dignitas Youth; various universities; Canada)
R4DResearch for Design
R4DReady for Distribution
R4DResponse, Resistance, Resilience and Recovery of Arctic ecosystems to Disturbance (USA)
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This patient (top left) is being carried to an R4D in July 1943.
Within the R4D system in Afghanistan, retrograde materiel also includes unit and nonunit equipment, government-owned, contractor-operated equipment, and other Department of Defense materiel across the country.
The R4D system involves not only moving equipment destined for reset actions but also intrathe-ater redistribution and redeployment of all equipment needing disposition.
The benefits of having a complex web of agencies involved in the R4D OEF operation are many.
Those who have ever flown in either an R4D or a DC-3 will enjoy the photos and stories.
A volume dealing with Pacific operations would provide much more coverage of Navy and Marine Corps R4Ds.
In addition, Marine Wing Support Squadron 1 R5D Skymasters and R4D Skytrains carried mail, aircraft parts and perso nnel in and out of Korea, and flew occasional combat support missions.
The C--47s and R4D airplanes that carried out the wounded and sick did not arrive at Hagaru empty.
On that day, seven USAF C-47s and four USMC R4Ds (virtually identical to the C-47s) evacuated more than 1,000 wounded and sick soldiers from Hagaru to Yonpo, about 40 miles to the south, within the X Corps defensive perimeter around Hamhung and Hungnam.
The presentations were capped by a high-level policy roundtable, chaired by Lemma Senbet, Executive Director of AERC, and featured Gabriel Negatu, the Director of East African Regional Resource Centre of the AfDB; Victor Manyong, the R4D Director for Eastern Africa, IITA; Chris Barrett of Cornell University; Danbala Danju, Managing Director and CEO of Bank of Agriculture in Nigeria; and Shimite Bello, the Founder and President of Quintessential Group in Nigeria, an initiative that focuses on women and youth participation in the agriculture value chain.
Radford suggested the use of P4Y-2 Privateers as flare ships to replace the more vulnerable R4D Skytrains in illuminating targets for Marine Corps F4U-5N Corsair and F7F-3N Tigercat night hecklers.
He recommended that there should be focused on the following: 1) food production to sustainable production and enhancement of ecosystems; 2) new deal for rain-fed farmers knowledge intensive agriculture; 3) agriculture as the engine of rural growth through sustainable intensification; 4) addressing social, economic, environmental and technological constraints and; 5) well-informed policies and scaling-up of R4D (research for development).