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R4MRequest for Meeting
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Everyone's a winner in "R4M," which is expected to run for 70 hourlong episodes, six nights a week.
In a country with no official way to measure TV ratings, Chimbala says viewers in the conservative African nation have given the "R4M" contestants their overwhelming support--measured via daily text messages from viewers, email correspondence and website hits.
Standard Bank estimates that the antiphishing software it made available to its account holders free of charge at the beginning of June prevented more than R4m in potential fraud within a week.
Harksen had said the DA duo asked him to help raise R4m for DA campaigns up to 2004, and that this would make him "friends" in the party.
Zuma's acceptance of over R4m between 1995 and 2005 from Shaik, in what both men insisted were interest-free loans, was the beginning of the corruption saga that only ended when the National Prosecuting Authority dropped all charges against Zuma days before last April's general election.
(Hills) 1 Cornforth Magpie R6m (9-4), 2 Best Boots R5m (5-1), 3 Toosey Luke R5m (4-1), 4 Supa Miss R4m (w) (7-2), 5 Weeton Warrior R4m (w) (5-1), 6 Zigzag Kit R3m (5-1).
What's more, Standard Bank, the South African national one-day team's sponsor, has anteed up an additional R4m incentive for the home team if they win the World Cup.