R60Retention After 60 Minutes
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R20 and R60 gloss values are in accordance with those of a glossy material (R60 > 70 UB), for which the standard requires the use of R20 as a characteristic.
Caption: Figure 2.1 -port VNA (cable and antenna analyzer) line, including the R60 1-MHz to 6-GHz vector reflectometer Courtesy of Copper Mountain Technologies
Cells were incubated or not with R97, R60, SG, or TRU (1 mg/mL) for 1h or with insulin (100 nM) for 30 minutes, in the presence (or not) of S961 (10 nM) for 90 min.
It offers low banking fees in the context of the South African market, with fees for bank accounts starting at R60 ($4.5) a year.
3 x 60 seconds Zone 3 / race pace in high gear (bigger resistance) R60
Based on the very latest HBM strain gauge technology, the company says the innovative new sensor features class C4 accuracy per OIML R60 and a maximum scale division Y of up to 25,000 and addresses the problem of bottlenecks, which can often slow down production rates.
SIEMENS Metals Technologies has received notice from Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co Ltd that the in-line "Injector Dual-phase Rail Hardening" (Idrha+) achieved the expected performances for the rail R60 U75V gr.340 according to TB/T2344-2012 norm and has therefore entered the regular commercial production.
machines BUDGET Pro Fitness Rowing Machine PS59.99, Argos (was PS69.99) BEST Bodymax R60 Rower PS159, powerhouse-PS159, powerhouse-fitness.co.uk SAVE: PS99
ROWING MACHINES BUDGET Pro Fitness Rowing Machine, PS59.99, Argos (was PS69.99) BEST Bodymax R60 Rower, PS159, powerhouse-fitness.co.uk SAVE: PS99
If necessary, consideration will be given to a partial equity conversion of the R60 billion (US$6 billion) loan that has already been provided."
onset, d IgM IgG 1 1 80 (r60) <20 15 160 (r60) <20 30 320 (r60) 20 (r60) 2 13 40 40 (r47E) 3 3 40 80 (r60) 7 40 80 (r60) 24 80 (r60) 160 (r60) 4 4 160 (r47E) 40 15 160 (r47E) 80 Antigen A.
South Africa, for example, is projected to provide one of the largest markets for pipeline coat-ins to protect the many kilometers of pipe to be laid as part of the country's estimated at R60 billion investment in water infrastructure over the next three years.