R60Retention After 60 Minutes
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1 -port VNA (cable and antenna analyzer) line, including the R60 1-MHz to 6-GHz vector reflectometer Courtesy of Copper Mountain Technologies
R60 U75V gr 340 is now in industrial production already at a rate of 15 pieces per hour with a 100 m standard length.
This takes several hours and costs around R200 in a car or R60 by taxi.
Its massive cinder-block walls provide high thermal mass, and an air gap separates them from the R60 insulation.
For the record, the latest census results show that black people's average annual household income improved between 2001 and 2011 from R22,522 (US$2,450) to R60,613 (US$6,600), which amounts to around a 35% increase in real terms.
1 km from the T-junction on the R60 (just past Zolani).
After exercise trials, participants rested in the sitting position for 80 min, with BP being measured at each 10 min of post-exercise recovery (R10, R20, R30, R40, R50, R60, R70, and R80).
Effects of container placement, treatment and time on milk temperature, total bacterial count, R10 and R60 were assessed using analysis of variance; each response was analyzed separately.
The company showed revenue, EBITDA and net income of R60.
For just R60 a week, this group will meet every Wednesday morning in Olivedale (venue to be confirmed), from 07.
The Asbestos Relief Trust (2003) and the Kgalagadi Relief Trust (2006) paid individual miners about R280 000 for mesothelioma and about R210 000 for lung cancer while severely lung-impaired workers received about R60 000 (half this for moderate or mild lung impairment).
This also includes the current end spinning machines such as G 35 ring spinning machine, K 45 compact spinning machine and now also the R60 rotor spinning machine as well as the J 20air-jet spinning machine.