RA2Red Alert 2 (computer game)
RA2Robot Arena 2 (computer game)
RA2Rebel Angels 2 (gaming)
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The moisture content of grain amaranth flour (GAF) was found to be lower than that of the refined maize flour (RMF), and all the maize-amaranth flour blends (RA1, RA2 and RA3).
Table 6 shows the result of RA2 from the structural model, which indicates that all the RA2 values are high enough for the model to achieve an acceptable level of explanatory power.
The radiographic criteria included were: R: 0 Not Radiolucent, RA: early stage, which includes: RA1 (radiolucency in the 'A outer enamel), RA2 (radiolucency in the 'A internal enamel [+ or -] ADJ (amelodentinal junction), RA3 (radiolucency limited to the 1/3 outer dentine).
RA2 put the tray with the two food samples in front of the child.
For each of the comparisons between sites/seasons performed, we used the results of Monte Carlo niche similarity analysis with RA2 and RA3 (entered in separate analyses) as dependent variables.
Similarly, existing ISRM software solutions such as GStool, Callio, Counter Measures, Cramm, ISAMM, Modulo Risk Manager and RA2 only concentrate on evaluating and managing risk.
Factors such as shorter duration of arthritis22 and lower disease activity of RA2 were suggested for evaluation of thyroid disorders in these patients, but anti-thyroid antibodies do not seem to identify any peculiar RA phenotype.
RA2 If I were to adopt mobile marketing services, the .
El algoritmo RA2 flexibiliza la amplitud del nicho observado y retiene la condicion de ceros; RA3 retiene la amplitud y reasigna la condicion de ceros mientras RA4 retiene ambas condiciones.
Os valores obtidos dos coeficientes de RA e RA2 foram semelhantes aos obtidos por Pola et al.
3], whereas patient RA2 (female, age 58 years, disease duration of 8 months) had no extraarticular organ involvement (DAS28 4.