RA3Red Alert 3 (game)
RA3Rocket Arena 3 (computer game modification)
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05) in all the sensory attributes between RA2 and RA3.
The radiographic criteria included were: R: 0 Not Radiolucent, RA: early stage, which includes: RA1 (radiolucency in the 'A outer enamel), RA2 (radiolucency in the 'A internal enamel [+ or -] ADJ (amelodentinal junction), RA3 (radiolucency limited to the 1/3 outer dentine).
The 'EU Aviation Security Validated Regulated Agents' RA3 certification is a supply chain security initiative designed by the European Union.
RA3 certification is in addition to ISO and TAPA certifications which reassures customers on how seriously 'Security' is taken at DHL Express in Pakistan, where stateoftheart facilities are equipped with the following security measures:
Desempenhou-se a contagem das porcoes dos seguintes grupos alimentares: carboidratos complexos (paes, cereais, tuberculos, raizes); hortalicas; frutas; carnes/ovos; leite/derivados; leguminosas; doces/acucares e oleos/gorduras por meio do RA3.
For each of the comparisons between sites/seasons performed, we used the results of Monte Carlo niche similarity analysis with RA2 and RA3 (entered in separate analyses) as dependent variables.
El algoritmo RA3 mantiene constante la amplitud de nicho y varia la posicion de los ceros dentro de cada columna de la matriz de datos (tipo de presas), y debido a esto presenta adecuadas caracteristicas estadisticas para detectar patrones no aleatorios de superposicion de nicho (Winemiller y Pianka 1990).
Expected values were derived from a null model recommended by Winemiller and Pianka (1990) and available as alternative RA3 (Randomization Algorithm 3) in the Niche Overlap module of Ecosim700 software (http:// homepages.
RA3 If I were to adopt mobile marketing services, it .
Para examinar el traslape del nicho se empleo el algoritmo de aleatorizacion de ceros RA3 utilizando el programa EcoSim (Winemiller & Pianka1990; Vitt & Carvalho 1995; Vitt & Zani 1996) el cual genera 1000 pseudocomunidades en las que se calculan nuevas superposiciones de nicho, la media del traslape observado, la media del traslape simulado y la probabilidad de que el traslape observado > esperado (a = 0.
We then determined the statistical significance of the observed microhabitat overlap by comparing it with the RA3 algorithm, where the niche breadth was retained and the zero states were reshuffled.