RA9Revised Article 9 (Texas)
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Dos 24,84% de MUFA, 19,01% estao representados pelo acido oleico (C18:1 ra9).
Results showed that isolates RA4 and RA9 were pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus, which indicated that pigs on the farm were infected with this virus.
virus isolate designation (gene segment 1-8) A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA4/2009 RA4 CY062305-CY062312 A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA9/2009 RA9 CY062321-CY062328 A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA20/2009 RA20 CY062281-CY062288 A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA29/2009 RA29 CY062297-CY062304 A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA114/2010 RA114 CY062265-CY062272 A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA204/2010 RA204 CY062289-CY062296 A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA15/2010 RA15 CY062273-CY062280 A/sw/Thailand/CU-RA75/2010 RA75 CY062313-CY062320 * SIV, swine influenza virus.