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RAABRally Alto Appennino Bolognese (Italy)
RAABRisk Assessment Advisory Body (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)
RAABRecent Alumni Advisory Board (Missouri)
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Jean Victor Moreau's army at Hohenlinden, but his army was routed with heavy casualties (December 3, 1800); replaced by his elder brother Charles, he held no further command until 1809, when he was given command of the Austrian army in Italy; repulsed Eugene de Beauharnais' impetuous attack at Sacile (April 16, 1809) in the first major battle of the war; recalled to Austria when Napoleon advanced down the Danube, he turned to halt Eugene's pursuit at the Raab, but was defeated (June 14); failed to join forces with Charles's army at Wagram (July 5-6); retired from active military service (1815); chosen regent of Austria by the National Assembly during the Revolution of 1848; died in 1859.
In addition, the departments of Defense and Transportation have issued similar regulations to those ruled on in Skinner and Von Raab.
In Von Raab, the Court was confronted with an unusual situation, in that the Commissioner of Customs, William Von Raab, admitted that "Customs is largely drug-free.
Mr Raab, who was promoted to housing minister in Mrs May's Cabinet reshuffle, admitted there were "definitely challenges in the NHS" but urged her to look at the "big picture".
They got going once Raab arrived on the floor with a hot hand in the second quarter.
Mr Raab, only comment on what you've got first-hand experience of.
Yesterday, Mr Raab told the House of Commons the victims of crime wanted foreign criminals deported.
Principal David Raab has more than 30 years experience as a marketer, consultant, author and analyst.
In "Amplified Melancholy," one of the more moving poems of the volume, Raab writes of her melancholy, linking it to the tenth anniversary of her father's death, when "the doctors removed // my right breast and five years later / stabbed by a second diagnosis, / bone marrow malignancy.
In his new role, Raab, who has over 16-years of insurance industry experience, will manage all of the financial procedures and practices of Huntington Insurance.
Raab focuses on the marketing industry, but his statement is true of virtually any department: "Where marketers falter in terms of their metrics [is] that they're often measuring things that are easy, but not truly appropriate.