RAACRemote Active Archive Center
RAACRoyal Australian Armoured Corps
RAACRedevelopment Authority of Allegheny County (Pittsburgh, PA)
RAACRec.Arts.Anime.Creative (newsgroup; est. 1993)
RAACRoyal Antwerp Aviation Club (Belgium; est. 1927)
RAACRecreational Aircraft Association of Canada
RAACRack Assembly and Alignment Complex
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The repeated reading portion of the RAAC intervention (Therrien, Gormley, & Kubina, 2006), modified for this study, was used with the students individually two to three times weekly over a period of five weeks.
En la primera fase del RAAC en el que se procede a detectar aquellas arquitecturas que ya han sido recogidas en estudios y publicaciones anteriores, se detecta la incidencia en arquitecturas que, frente a ejemplos paradigmaticos tempranos en ciudades como Sevilla y Cordoba, no trabajan en ningun caso con la ciudad historica como base del proyecto.
The RAAC was designed as a "covert measure of racial attitudes toward one's own and other racial groups" (Wooten & Brown, 1990, p.
South Beach RAAC held a club match in which 29 members plus one guest fished, 20 weighing in.
South Beach RAAC held a match in which 28 members and one guest fished, and 12 weighed in.
South Beach RAAC, Blyth's club competition saw 25 rods take part and 16 weigh in.
The finalists in the South Beach RAAC Winter Season saw Phil Smithson win with a total of 83lb 9oz.
South Beach RAAC held their last winter match and 23 fished and 14 weighed in.
The South Beach RAAC had 21 fishing, and 14 weighing in with 32 fish.
Additionally, WVT will provide district nurse support for people who require it and are in residential care home placements as part of the RAAC service.