RAAGRoad Accident Action Group (Australia)
RAAGReal Algebraic and Analytic Geometry
RAAGRadio Amateur Association of Greece (est. 1958)
RAAGRegional Archive Advisory Group (Museums, Libraries and Archives Council; UK)
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Other [alpha]-glucosidase inhibitors were tested, but none were highly selective for GAA or RAAG (see the online Data Supplement).
The use of acarbose as an inhibitor to completely suppress the activity of RAAG while retaining most of the GAA activity represents a simple, inexpensive, and reliable method for diagnosis of Pompe disease in DBS.
Meanwhile her notes on the various raags and thaats are most informative.
Much of the book is devoted to the raags derived from each thaat, along with keyboard diagrams.
How to Play Indian Sitar Raags on a Piano by John Pitts is like a combination of a world music textbook, a "teach yourself book and a repertoire book.
The first dealt with the theoretical aspects based on 32 thaats 484 raags emanating from each that.