RAAPRape Assistance and Awareness Program
RAAPReligious Alliance Against Pornography (Cincinnati, OH)
RAAPRadford Army Ammunition Plant
RAAPRemote Access Astronomy Project
RAAPRapid Application of Air Power
RAAPRecorded Artists and Performers Limited (Ireland)
RAAPRefugee Advisory & Advocacy Project
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How do you even show enough appreciation for what Heidi is doing?" Raap said.
Twenty-nine states have legalized medical marijuana and Raap believes that the value of cannabis for medicinal use is driving the hefty increase in interest in growing marijuana at home.
He was arrested after police seized a Blackberry phone which contained messages of him berating the criminals for failing to kill Raap.
Among the requirements to partake in the RAAP hunt was placing two of three arrows/bolts in the kill zone of a deer target out to 30 yards from an elevated stand.
En esa linea, se senalo que en la decada del 90 los dispositivos se basaron en el diagnostico de que las dificultades del empleo juvenil se debian a su baja calificacion, y procuraron mejorar la "empleabilidad" (7) de las personas jovenes mediante componentes de capacitacion (Jacinto, 2010b, Schmidt & Van Raap, 2008).
Will Raap, founder of Gardeners Supply Company, led an effort to restore the area and return it to its agricultural roots.
In "The Sacred and the Feminine: An African Response to Clement and Kristeva," Molara Ogundipe reveals that in Wolof language and culture, Raap are important and potent Gods "of the sea and waters" to whom particular hymns are sung.
O MAPGEO2010 compreende um sistema computacional que fornece a ondulacao geoidal (N) utilizada na conversao das altitudes geometricas obtidas por tecnicas de posicionamento espacial (GNSS) em altitudes consistentes com o NMM e a Rede Altimetrica de Alta Precisao (RAAP) do Sistema Geodesico Brasileiro (SGB).