RAAWRequest for Allocation Advice Worksheet (US FEMA)
RAAWRural, Agricultural and Allied Workers
RAAWRadical Action Against War (St. Louis, MO)
RAAWRegional Army Acquisition Workshop
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Gregg, at Raaw Foods, says the all-natural beverage company had been targeting 24 to 55 year olds, but has yet to see a demographic that does not like its fruit and vegetable drinks.
First time exhibitor Raw Foods International was offering samples of its RAAW Fresh Juices, six different energy drinks made from a combination of fruits and vegetables.
Kristin Marshall, Lelia Tavrides and Simon Decker (from left) welcomed show-goers to test-drive Raaw Foods' purely natural line of fruit and veggie juice blends.
Miami-based Raw Foods International continues to expand with its It Tastes RAAW juice line.