RABITTReductive Anaerobic Biological In-Situ Treatment Technology
RABITTReconstruction of Attosecond Beating by Interference of Two-photon Transitions
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A Treatability Test for Evaluating the Potential Applicability of the Reductive Anaerobic Biological In Situ Treatment Technology (RABITT) to Remediate Chloroethenes.
show, with special guests Gram Rabitt. The cover is $5.
CAVAN GAELS: E Elliott; C Collins, D Rabitt, S McGlade; G Duffy, E Reilly, P Smith; E King, N Walsh; K Downes (0- 1), A Forde (0-2), P O'Donnell; D Reilly, S Higgins, M Lyng (0- 3) Subs: G Collins for G Duffy, S Johnston (0-2) for P O'Donnell, K Crotty for P Smith, M Dunne for E King, C Nelligan for K Downes
The buck stops with him and although he rabitted on at great length at the press conference,he couldn't dispel the nagging doubt that the intelligence services were not acting independently and that their political masters were behind the snooping and eavesdropping of a trusted friend.