RABRRainbow Bridge National Monument (US National Park Service)
RABRRabbit Anti-Mouse Brain Serum (immunobiology)
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(7) Bach does not spell out precisely why substitution failure provides evidence against RABR. But what is important here is that he thinks substitution failure supports the radical conclusion that RABR is false.
Expanding into that space will give Kinray one of the largest distribution centers in the Northeast and accommodate its growth, says Rabr.
We obtained EMG data from the following bilateral muscle groups: (a) erector spinae (ERSR and ERSL), (b) latissimus dorsi (LATR and LATL), (c) external oblique (EXOR and EXOL), and (d) rectus abdominus (RABR and RABL).
The Route-Lifetime Assessment-Based Routing (RABR) [7] uses an affinity parameter based on the measured rate of change of signal strength averaged over the last few samples in order to estimate the lifetime of a link.