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RABSRestricted Access Barrier System (aseptic isolation system used in the pharmaceutical industry)
RABSReligionspädagogik an Berufsbildenden Schulen (German)
RABSRemote Area Broadcasting Service (TV)
RABSRear Anti-lock Braking System
RABSRapid Armament Boresight System
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Here, we have introduced a practical method for mapping and comparing the glycosylation patterns in rAb glycoproteins, in which glycopeptide samples prepared by in-solution or in-gel protein digestion are analyzed by LC-ESI-MS-MS.
The reference rAb glycoprotein (Adalimumab, commercially known as Humira) was obtained from G Sam Hospital (Gyeonggi-do, Korea).
The light chain and heavy chain genes for biosimilar rAb were synthesized (Genscript, Piscataway, NJ, USA) and cloned into a custom expression vector, pCPp2-CMV.
Passive RABS have no aeration equipment; they are supplied with air from the cleanroom ceiling and are conditioned by the building services.
Isolators have a separate outside air conditioning and filtration system with own recirculation ducts; their UDAF is similar to the one inside RABS. Isolators are generally equipped with a proprietary process AHU, which compensates internal heat loads and corresponds to the special air requirements of bio-decontamination.
(3.) Jack Lysfjord, ISPE Definition: Restricted Access Barrier Systems (RABS) for Aseptic Processing", Pharmaceutical Engineering, Vol.
Lately, however, demand for RABS lines has increased noticeably.
RABS lines make a lot of sense in light of the ever-growing need for efficiency.
So I've brought in another keeper which takes a bit of pressure off Rab.
"Rab could only throw the ball and I had to address that.
The sixth DVD (and I'll send the prizes when the winners email a postal address) goes to Steve Kirwan, who has conclusive proof that Rab supports Partick Thistle.
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