RACCARegional Air Cargo Carriers Association (aviation)
RACCARefrigeration Air Conditioning Contractors Association (Australia)
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Meanwhile, RACCA would work to get the FAA on board with a serious effort to mitigate icing risk and preserve the Caravan's "known ice" certification.
In this case, RACCA was able to convince Sabatini and Ballough the potential operational impact was so great they had no time to solve the problem and then pursue FAA approval of a revised icing certification.
As a result, RACCA hopes to expand the Caravan ice plan to include FAA-approved ground deicing operations along Part 121 lines that permit, when using Type 3 or 4 deicing fluid, much longer ground hold times to mitigate the operational hassles of the current five-minute inspection-to-takeoff rule.
But in a truly unique example of cooperation, key visionaries at RACCA, Cessna Aircraft and the FAA turned away from the easy path of revoking or severely limiting the icing certification of the C208 Caravan.
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