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RACERescue, Activate alarm, Confine the fire, Evacuate/Extinguish (NFPA/OSHA fire safety)
RACERapid Amplification of cDNA Ends
RACERoyal African Company of England (England, UK)
RACERandom Access Card Equipment
RACEReal Automovil Club De Espana
RACEResource Allocation and Control Engine
RACEReceive Any Control Element
RACEResearch on Advanced Communications in Europe
RACERoman Army and Chariot Experience (historical reenactment; Jordan)
RACERow-based ASCII Compatible Encoding
RACEReturn on Average Common Equity
RACERegistry of Approved Continuing Education
RACERick's Automotive & Custom Exhaust
RACERefrigeration and Air Conditioning Europe (Parker Hannifin Corporation)
RACEReclassify All Children Equally
RACERequirements Acquisition and Controlled Evolution
RACERubidium Atomic Clock Experiment
RACERevolutionary Anti-Authoritarians of Color
RACERecognize, Ask, Care, and Escort (suicide prevention)
RACERadio-Telephone with Automatic Channel Evaluation (Canada)
RACEResearch in Advanced Communications for Europe
RACEResearch in Advanced Communications Equipment
RACERapid Automatic Checkout Equipment
RACERapid Automatic Cryptographic Equipment
RACERandom Access Computer Equipment
RACERolling Accelerated Contextual Examination (World Usability Day event)
RACERapid off-line Crypto Equipment
RACERemote Access to Customer Equipment (computer science)
RACER&D in Advanced Communication Technology, Europe
RACERestoration of Aircraft to Combat Effectiveness
RACERequest Altitude Change En-route
RACERapid Application Creation Environment (Pulsepoint)
RACERafting And Climbing Excursion (Aspen, CO)
RACERapid Amplification or cDNA (Complementary Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Ends
RACERegulation and Compliance Expertise (USACE)
RACERapid Action Cutting Equipment
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The cries of alarm in some places, mingling with the shouts of triumph from the backers of Fleetwood in others--as their man ran lightly on to win the now uncontested race. Not the inclosure only, but the course itself was invaded by the crowd.
"I cannot do that," said the Race Horse; "I am following my master to Washington.
"It is with the oppressed, enslaved African race that I cast in my lot; and, if I wished anything, I would wish myself two shades darker, rather than one lighter.
These were the ambitious youths of the race, at work with an earnestness that put to shame the conventional student life of most educational institutions.
He had often told me that there was every reason to believe from their writings, which he had learned to read while we were incarcerated in Phutra, that they were a just race, and that in certain branches of science and arts they were quite well advanced, especially in genetics and metaphysics, engineering and architecture.
He admired Edna extravagantly, after meeting her at the races with her father.
"I think," he said, "that we had better watch the race from these railings.
Ages of close relationship and intermarrying had resulted in the race of red men, of which Dejah Thoris was a fair and beautiful daughter.
He was thinking now with pleasure and excitement of the race, of his being anyhow, in time, and now and then the thought of the blissful interview awaiting him that night flashed across his imagination like a flaming light.
"The object of a race is to see who can win it--or at least that is what my excellent brains think."
Hence it has been argued that no deductions can be drawn from domestic races to species in a state of nature.
I suggested to Perry that we were in the public library of Phutra, but later, as he commenced to discover the key to their written language, he assured me that we were handling the ancient archives of the race.