RACE-PCRRapid Amplification of CDNA (Complementary Dioxyribonucleic Acid) Ends-Polymerase Chain Reaction
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Primer design, amplification of MHC-DAB fragment and RACE-PCR amplification: A pair of degenerate primers, seMHC-N1 and seMHC-C1 (Table 1), were designed according to the conserved sequences of MHC II B genes from other species, such as large yellow croaker (ABV48908), striped sea bass (AAA49379), spotted halibut (GU253881), rainbow trout (AF115529) and cichlid (AAB27553).
A cDNA fragment of 677 bp was obtained by RT-PCR and RACE-PCR (Fig.
A transcript that significantly matched the pole hole precursor was further characterized by RACE-PCR.