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RACERRapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting
RACERRapid Access to Collections by Electronic Requesting (virtual library)
RACERResearch on Antarctic Coastal Ecosystem Rates (program)
RACERRemedial Action Cost Engineering Requirements (Cost estimating tool for remediation of bombing ranges)
RACERRisk Analysis, Communication, Evaluation and Reduction (New Mexico)
RACERRetrieve, Analyze, Compile Electronic Reports (International Communications Research)
RACERRescue Alarm Contain Extinguish Relocate (mnemonic for fire response procedure)
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The horses who had run in the last race were being led home, steaming and exhausted, by the stable-boys, and one after another the fresh horses for the coming race made their appearance, for the most part English racers, wearing horsecloths, and looking with their drawn-up bellies like strange, huge birds.
There will be 15 series of motor racing of Endurocross, Powertrack, Supercross and predicted to attract more than 10,000 spectators as well as 1,000 Grasstrack and Motocross racers.
The racer had experienced trouble twice in the middle of the race but managed to secure third spot.
The racer was sold at Goodwood Festival of Speed Auction in the U.
LAHORE -- The international standard high quality Pak "Fire and Heat Proof" garments, especially manufactured for car racers (Formula I Racers) and motorbike riders attracted 20 foreign markets, including USA.
The Cafe Racer movement originated in 1950s Britain, when would-be racers customised their road-going machines in search of ever-greater speed - with 'doing the ton' the main goal.
Speed Racer is a character who has plenty of focus.
With the geometry of the Ferrari Racer transmission case fully defined, the Austin Group could proceed with casting it in lost foam.
A horse's stride can also determine whether the racer blazes a trail or lags behind on the track.
The successful racers have "proved that it's possible to develop truly autonomous ground vehicles that move at militarily relevant speeds," says Ron Kurjanowiez of the Arlington, Va.