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RACFResource Access Control Facility
RACFResidential Aged Care Facility
RACFRochester Area Community Foundation (New York)
RACFRemote Access Control Facility
RACFRadio Access Control Function
RACFRemote Activation of Call Forwarding (phone tool)
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The aged care rapid response team (ARRT) received a telephone call from a registered nurse (RN) at an RACF who advised that a 97 year old female resident (Mrs K) had developed acute onset abdominal pain overnight with vomiting and nausea.
extensive experience managing migrations from other security subsystems to RACF.
Inicialmente os estudantes preencheram as questoes de identificacao do sujeito e, em seguida, foram submetidos ao RACF.
The purpose of this Best Practice Information Sheet is to present the best available evidence on the reliability, validity and feasibility of palliative outcome care measures that assess the quality of palliative care provided to people living in RACFs.
improved CMA thoroughness and detail makes the CMA more useful to RACF staff
Consul/zLock employs innovative, patent-pending technology to protect the RACF mainframe environment by enabling greater control over RACF commands and preventing non-compliant commands from being executed.
Supported OS/390 security packages include RACF, CA-ACF2 and CA Top Secret.
SAM/PS is available for OS/390, Windows NT, UNIX, Novell NetWare, and OS/400 platforms and is fully compatible with security software such as RACF, CA-ACF2, CA-Top Secret, and Windows NT security.
adding less than 5% to server elapsed time, compared to what uncontrolled service uses; and -- upward compatibility from prior methods such as RACF [IBM 1985], industry conventions such as OSF-DCE security [OSF 19911, and formal standards such as POSIX security [ISO 1991].
The application platforms consist of an IBM DB2 database management system-even for the proportion C / S in connection with the IMS transaction monitor and the application components (TSO, ISPF, JCL, RACF, SDSF, REXX, QMF and SCLM).
The Association wants the Public Health Act amended to provide for employment of RNs at all times in any RACF "where there are people assessed as requiring a registered nurse to meet their needs and where they are funded at that level.
In an earlier study by the current authors, it was found by incorporating reflective practice with DCM, was a catalyst for enhancing interaction between AINs, the residents and the RACF (Mansah et al 2008).