RACORepresentative Association of Commissioned Officers (Ireland)
RACORoyal Australian College of Ophthalmologists
RACORand Athletic Club Orienteers (South Africa)
RACORear Area Combat Operations
RACOReimbursable Agreements Coordination Office (US NIST)
RACORegional Applied Communication Office
RACORemote Alarms and Controls
RACORegional Allied Contracting Office (NATO)
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As an independent government commission RACO ensures non-discriminatory access to the rail network and to the intermodal freight terminals and sidings that are co-funded by the Swiss Confederation.
If the deal goes through, Raco would have five months to liquidate its presence there, and it hasn't yet been determined if it might continue to operate from a new location, possibly without a warehouse.
The L- G's Special Secretary R N Sharma, in a written communication to Principal Secretary ( gigilance) Ashwani Kumar, said a representation from Rahul Sharma, founder of RACO, Ghonda in Delhi has been sent for necessary action as per rules.
Three of these localities (Raco de Joana, Benifairo-D, and Sot de Chera) located in the Valencia province (East Spain), have been selected being the most appropriate to estoblish brachiopod successions in this sector (Fig.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 14, 2016-GTX enters into distribution agreement with RACO Industries for its SmartSoles
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-July 14, 2016-GTX enters into distribution agreement with RACO Industries for its SmartSoles
After winning the Roux Scholarship in 2008 Dan worked in Spain's El Raco de Can Fabes restaurant, which held three Michelin stars.
The world city is a place that exists not just or not even primarily for residents, but rather for the "potential investors, tourists, visitors" to which it markets itself, and who provide "new gentrified work, leisure and housing spaces for the creative classes" (Raco and Tunney, 2010, page 2072).
Gof PSTPSEA is HA EATING OUT: El Raco del Mariner in the harbour is a Catalan seafood sensation.
Additional features include B&B Electronics' technical support; Raco's Omega Management suite for account management, control and reporting: and easy wireless connection to mobile equipment within minutes of opening the package.
Westfield North took a 1-0 lead in the second on a single by Joe Raco and Nick Barber's RBI double.
event sees musicians rm original soundtracks ehind a large cinema n as scenes from their n film are projected over theHallow birthd origin YEAR provid 1968 F Raco the tra kaleid Mecan ferocio SWEA Lang's Metro Tom the oth well - intima Head Sunde first event took place at ween in 2012 and the day special will feature al music from lo-fi punks OF BIRDS who will de the punchy sounds to French film Le Revelateur.