RACOMRemote Access Communication
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RACOM network carries traffic from about 10,000 radio units, seventy
on the RACOM network because firefighters can communicate directly with
RACOM subscribers can also use their radios peer-to-peer.
RACOM was, and still is, in the business of deploying and
(128) RACOM president, Gregg Miller, explained in an interview:
attractive value proposition because joining the RACOM network is
"Interoperability happens on the RACOM network because it is
[communications capacity] from RACOM, you have to be interoperable with
RACOM's network become interoperable unintentionally by simply
alternative was for a private company--often RACOM itself--to build and
the RACOM network, there was no interoperability between hospital radio
communicate with each other and with anyone else on the RACOM network.