RACPRoyal Australasian College of Physicians
RACPRedevelopment Assistance Capital Program (Pennsylvania)
RACPRapid Access Chest Pain
RACPRéunion des Amateurs de Chiens Pyrénéens (French dog club)
RACPRenault Alliance Club Passion (French: Renault Alliance Fan Club; automobile website)
RACPRegional Airspace Control Plan
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It is worthwhile to give parents a few instructions about non-procedural talk rather than "soothing" words or saying, "It won't hurt" (MacLaren & Cohen, 2007; RACP, 2006a; Taddio et al.
The brochure titled Circumcision--a guide for parents' (4) available on the RACP website states that the RACP strongly recommends the use of pain relief both during and after the operation of circumcision.
However, I would agree with the RACP position that "infant circumcision without analgesia is unacceptable practice in Australia and New Zealand".
So, an estimate of the reduction of the insurer's RACP because of pooling is needed as well.
The latter indicates that improving the RACP, resulting in a higher [R.
If it is the intention of the RACP system to compensate health insurers for predictable costs only, then the question arises to what extent a pooling system could contribute to this aim.
It is furthermore remarkable that for each of the six high-risk variants the correlation between total payments and predicted costs is bigger than that for an RACP system without pooling, whereas the opposite holds for the high-cost variants.
In particular, this article analyzed statistical and empirical properties of various types of mandatory high-risk and high-cost pooling schemes that could be used to mitigate the selection and solvency problems inherent to crude RACP systems.
Only the RACP has a policy, stating since 1996 that appropriate anaesthesia must be used (12), and ranking DPNB above EMLA, and EMLA above sucrose in order of effectiveness for neonates (5).
RACPs policy statement on infant male circumcision is ill-conceived.
The Joint Faculty was formed from, and is linked to both the RACP and ANZCA.
While JFICM is a faculty within both RACP and ANZCA, from a functional point of view it is located with ANZCA and its staff are employed by ANZCA.