RACPRoyal Australasian College of Physicians
RACPRedevelopment Assistance Capital Program (Pennsylvania)
RACPRapid Access Chest Pain
RACPRéunion des Amateurs de Chiens Pyrénéens (French dog club)
RACPRenault Alliance Club Passion (French: Renault Alliance Fan Club; automobile website)
RACPRegional Airspace Control Plan
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Further funding from RACP in the form of this $2 million grant will allow continued construction on Phase II Building 57 renovations, which will add 70,000 sf of heavy fabrication and manufacturing space, and complete the restoration of this 300,000 sf facility.
For all age groups, teaching staff to coach parents and children through procedures can help relieve anxiety and distress (MacLaren & Cohen, 2005; RACP, 2006a).
The Paediatrics and Child Health Division, RACP position paper of September 2010 states that "infant circumcision without analgesia is unacceptable practice in Australia and New Zealand.
It is argued that young children seeing violence on television leads to responses such as the desensitisation to the emotional effects of violence, a lack of empathy with victims of violence, an increased tendency to aggression, and the perception of the world as scary (RACP, 2004).
Nicholas, PhD, MPsychol, MSc, BSc (Hons); (1) James Middleton, MBBS, PhD, FAFRM (RACP); (2-3) Philip Siddall, MBBS, MM (Pain Mgt), PhD, FFPMANZCA (1)
The level of this contribution would be predetermined at the macro level as the quotient of the projected size of the pool in monetary terms and the total number of insured in the RACP system.
Last year, the state approved a $1 million grant under the state's Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, or RACP, for the new building.
Rhoads was one of 149 recipients of funds totaling $1.7 billion from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP), a Commonwealth grant program that makes larger scale investments in capital projects to help drive the economic growth of Pennsylvania.
(29.) Carneiro VFA, Rodrigues DCV, Ribeiro IAM, Rocha RACP, Farias ABL, Cavalcanti AL.
First, The 1973, Constitution ensure human dignity and freedom of expression besides negating discrimination; but the same does not apply to the people of FATA, since they are subject to Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR - 1901) and Regulation in Aid of Civil Power (RACP - 2011).
Although discouraged by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Paediatrics and Child Health Division, it has been estimated that 10 to 20% of Australian males still undergo circumcision, usually in their first year of life (5).