RACRRaytheon Advanced Combat Radar
RACRRecruiter Academy Certified Recruiter
RACRRoadless Area Conservation Rule
RACRRoyal Australasian College of Radiologists
RACRResponse Action Completion Report (environmental remediation action report)
RACRRec.Arts.Comics.Reviews (newsgroup)
RACRReglementari Aeronautice Civile Române (Romanian: Romanian Civil Aeronautical Regulations)
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They ran a very detailed and extensive evaluation of the capabilities for their requirements and decided RACR was superior," Hvizd said.
Sean Malinowsky said RACR is on the cutting edge in the use of crime-fighting technology, but officials also are aware of privacy considerations.
O uso de estatisticas de teste de series temporais para RACR foi tambem considerado, porem abandonado mais tarde.
The implications of these reviews will result in decreased annual deployments of many platforms, ranging from the F-35 fighter to aircraft carriers, but set against this scenario AESAs such as Raytheon's RACR and Northrop Grumman's SABR will be increasingly important for upgrading existing aircraft fleets.
4CHANNEL RACR E - This beach game works best if there is a slight slope leading to the water.