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RACSResidential Aged Care Service (Australia)
RACSRoyal Australasian College of Surgeons
RACSRemote Automatic Calibration System (US NASA)
RACSResource and Admission Control Sub-System
RACSRussian Association for Canadian Studies
RACSRevenue Accounting Control System
RACSRobert's Anime Corner Store
RACSRecording Artists' Collecting Society (Canada)
RACSReal Ale and Cider Society
RACSReal Aero Club de Santander (España)
RACSRetirement Accountability Control System
RACSRequest for Approval of Contractual Support
RACSReference Architecture and Common Systems
RACSRegional Aircraft Customer Support (Bombardier Aerospace)
RACSRecruit Allocation Control System
RACSRegional Area Commercial Support
RACSRoll and Attitude Control System
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The RACs are critical to help the BLM continue to be a good neighbor in communities we serve, providing advice and recommendations on issues including land use planning, fire management, off-highway vehicle use, recreation, oil and gas exploration, noxious weed management, grazing issues, and wild horse and burro herd management issues.
'We have recorded 100 per cent completion of smart card reader configuration and charging, now ready for deployment to council areas and Registration Area Centres (RAC).
Developing countries, mainly India, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia, will see an exponential increase in total (direct and indirect) emissions from RAC operation as a share of the global carbon dioxide emissions through 2050, a study 'Global Cooling Challenge' released by environment minister Harsh Vardhan earlier this week showed.
The American Hospital Association (AHA) has done a good job of identifying, reporting and providing insights regarding RACs and how they impact a hospital.
RACs and ZPICs working in the same market are supposed to prevent duplication of investigations by setting up joint operating agreements, but "these strategies have not led to consistent requirements across contractor types or full coordination between ZPICs and RACs," officials say.
RACs function as a component of the campaign's field operations.
"We are using many of the lessons that we learned from the Medicare RAC program in the development and implementation of the Medicaid RACs, including a far-reaching education effort for healthcare providers and state managers," said CMS Administrator Donald Berwick, MD, in a release.
As a review, Congress created the recovery audit contractors (RAC) program to help the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) identify improper payments made by Medicare.
So far, the RACs have mostly targeted hospitals, nursing homes, home health care organizations, and medical equipment companies, but anyone who bills Medicare is fair game.
Starting as early as September, the RACs may begin reviewing coding issues and diagnosis-related group validations, which will require the review of additional documentation.
Recovery of overpayments increased over the 3-year period, most dramatically in fiscal year 2007 (see Appendix C in the CMS report) (2) and in the second quarter of 2008 (see Figure 4, p 17: Overpayments Collected by Quarter: Claim RACs Only).
Many say that defending an appeal, though not the norm today, will become standard operating procedure tomorrow, as the RACs become more entrenched.