RACSSRapid Assessment of Cataract Surgical Services (now Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness)
RACSSRochester Area Council for the Social Studies (Rochester, NY)
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SVI and VI may also be grouped together under the broader category of "low vision." The RACSS and RAAB for this study applied the same WHO VA definitions, but also measured the better eye with available correction.
All nine RACSS and RAAB surveys in Latin America were conducted between 1999 and 2006.
All data were analyzed using the built-in report-generating modules of the RACSS and the RAAB software.
(7.) Siso F, Esche G, Limburg H; grupo RACSS. Test nacional de catarata y servicios quirurgicos.
Resultados del RACSS en Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba, 2005.
Also in 1988, the staff section published the first RACSS Newsletter, and in 1991 added its annual Directory of Key Research Contacts.
At more than 1,700 members, RACSS is the largest of NCSL's staff sections, and one of the most diverse, with both partisan and nonpartisan research staff, committee staff, legislative attorneys, caucus staff and individual member staff.
Legal Services has long sponsored the senior bill drafting seminar and recently joined in the professional development seminars of NLPES and RACSS, as a co-sponsor.
* RACSS is the largest staff section, with 1,700 members.