RACTReasonably Available Control Technology
RACTRootes Archive Centre Trust (UK)
RACTRoyal Automobile Club of Tasmania
RACTRandomized Algorithms Control Toolbox
RACTReasonably Available Control Technique (EPA)
RACTRoyal Australian Corp of Transport (Australian Defence Force)
RACTRecalcified Activated Clotting Time (hematology)
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It is assumed that the resource group meets on a regular basis; scale point 4 = all four components executed several times and applicable elements of the RACT manual have been considered and been used by the client on his/her own.
Caption: Communitech offers emerging technologies such as Ract.js and Node.js.
to do a cost-benefit analysis when examining a RACT standard, but there
En este sentido, es necesario considerar muchas variables (tangibles e intangibles) que permitan involucrar los costos del deterioro ambiental por causa de las emisiones, para de esta manera, determinar o establecer un estandar o "nivel de emision razonable" para nuestra sociedad, de acuerdo con la tecnologia de control razonablemente disponible RACT.
Using RACT, we assessed risks of the program and protocol; identified and documented critical data and processes; assessed potential risk indicators; and developed a plan for monitoring execution of the study.
* Impose RACT on all major sources emitting more than 100 tons per year for all additional industrial categories where EPA will issue control technique guidelines describing RACT.
Brown had been looking to at t ract another to the club.
MUSHTAAO - went down fair and square to Planetarium in the10-furlong maiden at Pon-tef ract but the son of Dyna-former finished a well clear of third-placed Hada Men, and clearly relished the extra few furlongs.
Earlier this month, it announced a pounds 125m cont ract to administer miners' personal injury liability claims for the Department of Tradeand Industry.
The fifth is the breakdown of the existing social cont ract between labor and employers.
Due to the protein nature of the biologically active macromolecules of the CLJ ext ract (Gharagozloo and Ghaderi, 2001), it is reasonable to assume that the protein components of the CLJ extract may have anti-proliferative effects on tumor cell lines.
One or more holographic optical elements diff ract light passing into the second plate to a predetermined direction, thereby forming a unique virtual image point location for each combination of single electrode pair activation and laser diode activation.