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RACYRushden Area Christian Youth (UK)
RACYRowan Aquatic Club YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; North Carolina)
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Asked what his wife thinks of those racy text messages, he said, "My wife knows about that but she is busy and she knows her husband.
While Rita went for racy, fellow pop princess Mollie King, right, went for lacy.
While W Rita went for racy, fellow pop princess Mollie King, right, went for lacy.
The study titled 'Love, Relationships, and Technology' shows that the 77 percent of sexters send the racy content to their significant others while 16 percent admitted sending it to complete strangers.
The Racy Color Media fast and furious products to be utilized with Memjet desktop label printers provide a cost-effective solution for low-to-mid volume prints for high speeds of six to 12 ips the company said.
He looked classy, racy and scopey, but we never knew he was going to be as good as he was.
Using the medium of a tight, racy thriller, Witness The Night exposes deep- seated Indian prejudices through a racy murder mystery.
RACY RED: The Duchess of Cornwall on a red mobility scooter as she presents campaign medals
Summary: A court on Saturday sentenced a female Saudi journalist to receive 60 lashes for her links with a Saudi-owned Lebanese TV network which broadcast a provocative racy show in July.
As the global recession hits many businesses in the pocket, sales of sex toys and racy underwear are going up and up.
The crazy, racy "Run" bounces with the frenetic energy that the duo is known for, while on the titillating "Neighbors" and provocative "Surprise" the duo is at its best and splices in remnants of the flavor infused into the group's international hit "Crazy.
Tesco is the first store in Birmingham to give the Racy Butlers a run-out and they are flexing their pecs in preparation for a female stampede.