RADAMRemote Area Denial Artillery Munition
RADAMRadar of the Amazon (radar mapping project)
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In a statement, the BIR said it filed a criminal complaint at the Department of Justice against Radam based on the discovery by the National Bureau of Investigation-Eastern Visayas of counterfeit cigarettes and packs with fake stamps affixed to them in a warehouse owned by Radam.
Registered businesses owned by Radam include Paul Radam Realty as well as PR Petron Filling Stations, which are located at Nula-Tula, Tacloban City.
Map's the way to do it - Monkman & Seagull's Genius Guide to Britain; and, inset, left, Brian Radam at Southport's British Lawnmower Museum
This potentially explosive situation is complicated by the fact that Pharaoh's daughter, Amneris, is unrequitedly in love with Radam?s.
Efficiency change measured "catching-up" to the isoquant while technological change measured shifts in the isoquant (see e.g., Maniadakis and Thanassoulis 2004 and Radam 2007).
Madueke later became chief of the naval staff, but after retiring from the navy, he became chairman of Radam Maritime Services Ltd, executive chairman of Interconnect Clearinghouse and chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National ICT Merit Awards.
O projeto de destaque na decada de 1970 foi o Radar na Amazonia (RADAM), que tinha o objetivo de mapear, utilizando sensor radar de visao lateral uma area de 1.500.000 [km.sup.2], na faixa de influencia da rodovia Transamazonica.
There was magnetic oil for rheumatism, Wm Radam's Microbe Killer that "cures all diseases", which was handy, and One Night Cough Syrup, which listed its contents as alcohol, cannabis, chloroform and morphia.
Esto era necesario, al estilo Radam Brasil, pero no suficiente.
Radam, Abu, and Adbullah (2008) in their study in the Malaysia reported the inefficient resource use of small and medium enterprises which led to technical inefficiencies.