RADCALRadar Calibration Satellite
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Both the Radcal 10X5-1800 ionization chamber and an RTI R100B solid-state detector (sensitive area 1 [cm.sup.2]) were calibrated using the NIST M50 standard beam quality [12].
Finally, it is noted that the response of this particular Radcal IC is factory-certified for a 150 kV x-ray spectrum with a half-value layer (HVL) of 10.2 mm of aluminum.
The red data points were acquired using the same source (and therefore the same NIST M50 reference beam) that was used to calibrate the Radcal 10X5-1800 IC to the NIST M50 standard beam quality, a good proxy for the source represented with blue data points labeled Vendor B (Rapiscan Secure 1000 Single Pose scanner) [13].
The two-voltage technique was applied with the Radcal 10X5-1800 ionization chamber positioned at the same reference position described in the previous section and in front of the same Rapiscan single-pose scanner.
These Ritz IC data are numerically equal to the calibrated Radcal IC data shown in Fig.
6 indicates the vendor's stated nominal air kerma rate limit of the Radcal 10X51800 ionization chamber, 0.16 mGy/s.
Radcal is happy to announce the official launch of their new Family of Radcal Survey Meters.
"Radcal is excited to offer another instrument for leakage and scatter measurements.
Radcal is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of affordable radiation measuring systems for dose and non-invasive kV.