RADGRemote Area Developments Group (Australia)
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Germany, for example, implemented the 1977 directive in 1980 by way of the Law on the Services of Lawyers (Rechtsanwaltsdienstleistungsgesetz), which fortunately for ease is known as RADG.
This is why the RADG also makes a distinction between matters in which a foreign EU lawyer may represent a client alone and in which he has to do this in conjunction with a local lawyer.
1) A citizen of a Member state of the European union or a signatory to the Treaty on the European Economic Area, who engages in professional activites under one of the profesional titles provided for in Section 1 of the RADG, is entitled to establish himself under such professional title within the jurisdictional territory of the Act for the purposes of providing legal services in the field of foreign and international law, if he, upon his application, has been made a member of the competent bar association for the place of his establishment.