RADHAZElectromagnetic Radiation Hazards (US DoD)
RADHAZRadiation Hazard
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Three categories of RADHAZ indication are considered: (19)
Category 1, life-threatening damage unlikely (RADHAZ low): 0 [less than or equal to] [H.sub.hem](X) < 0.003.
Category 2, life-threatening damage possible (RADHAZ moderate): 0.003 [less than or equal to] [H.sub.hem](X) <0.1.
Category3, life-threatening damage likely (RADHAZ high): [H.sub.hem](X) [greater than or equal to] 0.1.
RADHAZ categories 2 and 3 would be avoided if the current effective dose limit of 250 mSv is not exceeded.
Two horizontal dashed lines are presented for RADHAZ references.