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RADIACRadiation Detection, Indication And Computation
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The DPO Radiac Set measures alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation in adjustable scales.
These include a radiological contamination air monitor for ships, key infrastructure to re place the aging Navy AN/PDR-65 Radiac Set, and a radiological point sensor to replace the aging Army and Marine UDR-13 Radiac Set.
All of the radiac equipment and PATS should have labels that show when they were last calibrated.
Chemical equipment included the Lightweight Chemical Detector 3, M22 Automatic Chemical Agent Detector Alarm, Improved Chemical Agent Monitor, ANAJDR-13 Military Pocket Radiac, and AN/PDR-75 Radiac Set.
Keep three copies of DA Form 2404s for the ACADAs, ICAMs, and radiac equipment.
In addition, AMLs use another familiar piece of equipment--the AN/PDR-77 Radiac Set--during contingency operations following the use of weapons of mass destruction.
To many AN/UDR-13 radiac sets are taking an unwelcomed trip to TMDE repair because CBRN NCOs aren't taking out their batteries for storage.
They not only have to make sure their unit's masks, chemical alarms, protective suits, and radiac equipment are ready for action, but they must also document what's in the NBC room, what belongs to which soldiers, and when the equipment was verified.
* links and POCs for CBRN items managed by other commands, such as radiac equipment and chemical clothing
Chemical Corps Soldiers are generally proficient in the use of standard detection and identification systems like the Automatic Chemical-Agent Detection Alarm, Improved Chemical-Agent Monitor, and AN/VDR-2 Radiac Set.
Remembering one simple rule for the AN/UDR-13 radiac set can save units money and downtime: