RADLRadial (street suffix)
RADLRemote Access Data Laboratory (online data query service; Australia)
RADLRaleigh Area Disc League (North Carolina)
RADLRobotics Applications Development Laboratory (NASA)
RADLRotary Anti-Defamation League
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Rejecting the claims, the Reliance spokesperson said that the RADL transaction was completed in full compliance with applicable foreign direct investment and all other rules and regulations and the information has been disclosed in the public domain since December 2017.
Radl donated two rough pieces (Figure 8) to Gem-A, and they were analysed by this author.
The existence of another seedling type, the cryptocotylar type, may occur in several species, such as Matayba elaeagnoides Radl., Cupania vernalis Cambess.
The pope, Obama said, wrote personally to both Obama and Cuban President Radl Castro urging them to find a way to resolve Cuba's imprisonment of U.S.
In Chile, this species occurs from far south in the fjords and channels to approximately 42[degrees]S in the inland sea (Radl & Culik, 1999; Aranis et al., 2007; Bustos et al., 2008; Leal et al., 2011).
Source: 1994 NATSIS and 2008 NATSISS data (accessed via ABS Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL)).
Leading grid positions: 1 C Stoner, 2 D Pedrosa,3 J L orenzo,4S B radl, 5 C Crutchlow, 6 B Spies,7 A D ovisioso,8 A B autista, 9 N Hayden,10VR ossi.
e Cambess.) Radl. (Vacum) e Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi (Aroeira) produzidas em diferentes substratos.