RADPrec.arts.disney.parks (newsgroup)
RADPRemote Area Development Programme (Botswana; est. 1978)
RADPRuby Asterisk Dial Plan
RADPRegional Arts Development Program (est. 1996; Bush Foundation)
RADPResource Allocation Decision Point
RADPRochester Alzheimer's Disease Project (neurology)
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Talking to the national news agency, State Minister for Finance and Planning MA Mannan said although it's a usual practice in the country to witness slight cut in the ADP during formulation of the RADP, the final decision would ultimately be taken in the NEC meeting with the Prime Minister in the chair.
RADP has made a significant progress by completing 110 research sub-projects in the fields of crop sciences, natural resources, animal sciences, agriculture engineering and social sciences.
Identification of RADP, SCAR and RFLP markers tightly linked to nematode resistance genes introgressed from Arachis cardenasii into Arachis hypogaea.
61 Supplementary Accessions to the Core Subset Collection G 31276 2 1 2 PI 234670 1 3 3 PI 234811 3 1 3 ([dagger]) Descriptors: Leaf, size of center leaflet (length X width); Pod, weight of an individual dried umbel of pods; Chalcid, number of seed chalcids per umbel; Tannin, herbage tannin content; Flower, flowering pattern for five sampling times; Early flowering, percentage of clones that had flowered on 7 May; FRI, flowering response index; RADP, random amplified polymorphic DNA; and SGPP, high salt-seed globulin polypeptides.
Furthermore, Mr Galeragwe said the sub-district had been allocated funds to construct 16 destitute houses at various locations and 30 RADP houses.
While speaking on the main objectives o the RADP, he informed that timely response to emerging and re-emerging research issues and problems; provide autonomy PARC to prioritize and implement its research agenda.
Comparative study of the discriminating capacity of RADP, ALP and SSR markers and of their effectiveness in stablishing genetic relationships in olive.
Atraves da tecnica de RADP, 40 individuos foram caracterizados: oito cultivares (Tabela 1), duas selecoes e 30 plantas individuais pre-selecionadas.
He cited some projects implemented under RADP, where some beneficiaries were given cattle, noting that most projects were collapsing due to lack of commitment by beneficiaries and lack of support and monitoring from the council side.
En este sentido, AFLP es reconocida como una tecnica molecular confiable y eficiente comparada con los marcadores RFLP, RADP o microsatelites (Vos et al.
3 million into the resuscitation of Swakara RADP ranch located in Khawa to help farmers develop skills needed to build businesses that would benefit the farm and surrounding areas.