RADRRisk-Adjusted Discount Rate (finance)
RADRReceiver Attachment Delay Recorder
RADRRecongize Acknowledge Discuss Respect.
RADRRapid Action Deficiency Report
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There is no hint of why Lea Fastow agreed to participate in the concealment of the RADR and CHEWCO proceeds.
The two SPEs mentioned in connection with Lea Fastow were RADR and CHEWCO.
15) The denominator of equation (4) is a tax-adjusted RADR analogous to Fairley's (1979) tax-adjusted underwriting margin.
Any defensible cost of capital or RADR formula could be used.
To simplify the notation and facilitate comparison with prior work, the remainder of the article adheres to the convention of risk-free investment and the standard CAPM-based RADR.