RADTRapid Antigen Detection Test
RADTRoyal Albert Dock Trust (youth rowing program; London, England, UK)
RADTRadar and Automatic Detection and Tracking
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Depending on the RADT used, the sensitivity for extrapharyngeal GABHS ranged from 77.
Therefore, the use of the RADT is often preferred clinically.
Four of six patients with negative RADT results received an antibiotic.
It has been suggested that most of the false-negative RADT results occur in patients who are merely Streptococcus carriers and are not truly infected.
GAS pharyngitis should be diagnosed with RADTs or throat culture.
The throat culture results served as our gold standard, and we used them as the basis for evaluating the reliability of the RADT results.
Specifically, antimicrobial therapy is indicated for all children who are GABHS positive based on culture or RADT.
With a sensitivity of about 90% and a specificity [greater than or equal to]98%, GASDirect is superior to RADTs and similar to culture with regard to sensitivity.
Six patients with respiratory signs, including three with diagnosis of pneumonia and four with positive RADT results received antibiotics.
A positive RADT is specific enough to warrant treatment with antibiotics.
According to IDSA clinical practice guidelines, antibiotic therapy is indicated for patients with acute pharyngotonsillitis if the presence of GABHS has been confirmed by RADT or throat culture.
The rationale for a backup throat culture is that although the specificity of RADTs is high, sensitivity ranges from 75%-95%, compared with 90%-95% for a throat culture, so some cases will be missed.