RAG1Recombination Activating Gene 1
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APPENDIX II Taxon sampling and access codes for 4 nuclear (BRAC1, IRBP, GHR and RAG1) and 1 mitochondrial (Cytb) markers used in the phylogenetic analyses conducted in this paper.
Phylogenetic analyses of mtDNA and the nuclear genes Rag1 (Schonhuth and Mayden, 2010) and Hoxc6a (Broughton et al., 2011) from several lineages of Cyprinella are consistent with the hypothesis that the mtDNA clade in the Frio and Sabinal rivers represents the ancestral mtDNA of C.
RAG1 Core and V(D)J recombination signal sequences were derived from Transib transposons.
2001), interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein (IRBP) gene (Jansa and Weksler 2003), growth hormone receptor (GHR), breast cancer gene 1 (BRCA1), recombination activating gene 1 (RAG1), and protooncogene c-myc (Steppan et al.
Genes for which some or all of the 267 measurements were nondetectable due to values <10 molecules/[10.sup.6] ACTB molecules included MMP16, TPBG, LGALS9, CDC20, RAG1, and IFNG.
RAG1 y RAG2, y sintetizan endonucleasas de secuencia especifica que activan las reorganizaciones V (D) J.
The gene shuffling that produces B cell variations is guided by proteins encoded by recombinase activating genes, RAG1 and RAG2.
25 Rg1 g6 26 Nb5 Qf8 27 Nc7 Ra7 28 Nce6 Qf7 29 Qc3 B:e6 30 N:e6 (better d:e6) b5 31 Rg2 (e4!) b:c4 32 Q:c4 Ra8 33 Rag1 Qf6 34 Qd3 Kf7 35 e4 Rhb8 36 Qe3 Rb4 37 a3 Rb6 38 Qh6 Rh8 39 Re1 Kg8 40 Qd2 Rb5 41 Nc7 Rb7 42 Ne8 Qd4 43 Q:d4 c:d4 44 N:d6 Rb3 45 e:f5 (better N:f5) Re3 46 R:e3 d:e3 47 f:g6 h:g6 48 Nc4 N:d5 49 R:g6+ Kh7 50 Rg1 e2 51 Re1 Nf4 52 b3 Re8 53 Nb2 Rc8 54 Nc4 a4 55 h4 a:b3 56 Nb2 Rc2 Black resigns.
Molecular phylogenetic analyses were conducted across all 54 living genera (and 68% of species) in Caviomorpha plus related rodents in Africa and Asia for 2 mitochondrial (cyt-b and 12S rRNA) and 3 nuclear genes (GHR, vWF, and RAG1).
(2008) reported that mitochondrial cytochrome-b and nuclear Rag1 and S7 sequences of a single individual sampled from the lower Pecos River at Pandale grouped closely with homologous sequences of D.