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RAGERockstar Advanced Game Engine
RAGEReceptor for Advanced Glycation End Products
RAGERapid Access Gaming Environment
RAGEResistance against Genetic Engineering (advocacy group)
RAGERandom Activation of Gene Expression
RAGERegroupement Anti-G20 Étudiant (French: Anti-G20 Student Gathering; Canada)
RAGERemote Access Grid Entry
RAGERockford Alternative Games & Entertainment (gaming)
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Cannon found that pain, fear and rage occurred in circumstances which affected the supply of adrenin, and that an artificial injection of adrenin could, for example, produce all the symptoms of fear.
Cannon's chief argument against James is, if I understand him rightly, that similar affections of the viscera may accompany dissimilar emotions, especially fear and rage. Various different emotions make us cry, and therefore it cannot be true to say, as James does, that we "feel sorry because we cry," since sometimes we cry when we feel glad.
By all we knew of Folk nature he should have remained and had out his rage. I crept to the entrance and peeped down.
It did no damage, though he howled with a sudden increase of rage at my daring to strike back.
As they had approached the limits of the city they had witnessed the actions of the bull ape as he bolted into the building, frothing with rage.
Rage and bloodlust such as his could be satisfied only by the feel of hot flesh between rending fangs, by the gush of new life blood against his bare skin, for, though he did not realize it, Korak, The Killer, was fighting for something more compelling than hate or revenge-- he was a great male fighting another male for a she of his own kind.
Korak's eyes went wide and then they closed to narrow slits of rage as he stood glaring down upon the abysmal brute at his feet.
The men bending and surging in their haste and rage were in every impossible attitude.
When the tribe saw that Kerchak's rage had ceased they came slowly down from their arboreal retreats and pursued again the various occupations which he had interrupted.
"Well, then, I, who am a sorcerer, as you know, change your bad into excellent bread, which I relish more than the best cake; and then I have the double pleasure of eating something that gratifies my palate, and of doing something that puts you in a rage.
While the sight of a moose-bird almost invariably put him into the wildest of rages; for he never forgot the peck on the nose he had received from the first of that ilk he encountered.
Yet it is in your power to recompense me, and deliver them from an evil which it only remains for you to make so great, that not only you and your family, but thousands of others, shall be swallowed up in the whirlwinds of its rage. Let your compassion be moved, and do not disdain me.