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RAHOWARacial Holy War (hate group slang)
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prisluzhivat' [stop lackeying], political hatred or enmity putinskaia mraz' [Putin's filth], revoliutsiia [revolution], kremlevskoe koryto [Kremlin ditch], krovavaia tiur 'ma [bloody prison], RaHoWa C.
What animates these movements, Blee makes clear, is not only hatred and blame of people of color, and anticipation and planning for rahowa (racial holy war), but a convoluted world view with conspiratorial anti-Semitism at the center, including three key elements: Jews have distorted modern history (one aspect of which is Holocaust-as-hoax); Jews seek world control through a one-world government; and Jews manipulate racial strife.
Added to Pierce's list of "bestsellers" is Resistance Records--a label started in 1993 by Canadian George Burdi, aka George Eric Hawthorne of the band Rahowa (Racial Holy War).
Their methods range from "white power" rallies to the racist religion of the Christian Identity Church, to rock music concerts and CDs by Rahowa (Racial Holy War) and other neo-nazi bands, to sites on the Internet.
(93) Ben Klassen, "RAHOWA: The Fighting Slogan of the White Race," Racial Loyalty, no.
The COTC calls for a Racial Holy War (RAHOWA) to accomplish their goal of white supremacy.